I also have a passion for refinishing furniture and rehabbing estate sale and thrift store finds. To see more about home projects and other adventures in my life check out my blog:

Who Needs Boys When You Have Desinger Jeans

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Face Lift!

  Hi Everyone! It has been FOREVER since I have blogged here! I hope everyone is doing good. It seems that have I have cheating on fashion and fabric creations for furniture refinishing! It seems to be my new obsession. SO with that being said I am giving my site a bit of a make over! I have been blogging on my other blog: www.indesignerjeans.blogpsot.com about all of my adventures in the furniture world. I…

Puppy Couture

Happy Saturday! Its cold, raining, and super windy and of course Babycakes wants to be outside. It seems she has found something under the shed that she must seek out. So i have decided to spend my Saturday creating comfy cozy new sweatshirts for our dogs. They will be warm, cute of course, and most importantly easy to put on!
Stay warm out there!

Girly Quilt

Just finished up the binding on a quilt of mine, this one is made up of 6 Hawaiian shirts! A client came to me and said that they had their husbands work shirts and wanted to create a quilt out of them for their little girl, their very girly little girl. It was fun picking out fabrics to tie all of the dark colored shirts together and bring out the reds in them and make…


Hi! I have been very busy working on several different quilting projects over the past month! As I am completing them I am very excited about how they are all turning out! One of the most interesting projects I have just finished are stuffed sea turtles! The interesting part is that they are made completely out of a wedding dress! Starting from scratch I created the pattern, made muslin mock ups, cut the dress apart…


My labels arrived! I am so excited to put my official mark on all of the projects I complete! Now that they are finally here keep an eye out for new posts to my etsy site!
New projects will be posed very soon!

Hi Everyone!! Sew & Stitch was featured on News10 last night! They did a great story about the quilts I make! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!